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Auxiliary Services: the nuts and bolts that hold our schools together – Ep. 17

It is the work in our schools that most of the time goes unnoticed… Auxiliary Services. Everything from heating and air, electrical, painting, carpentry and so many other jobs that keep our schools up and running. Dr. Bob Acord, our director of auxiliary services and Mr. Kevin Herron, assistant director of auxiliary services take a moment to explain how they keep each of our schools in tip-top shape for our staff and students. #ignitelearningbcps

BCPS leaders reflect on educating through a pandemic – Ep. 14

Burke County Public Schools leaders including Superintendent Dr. Mike Swan, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Karen Auton and Director of Elementary Education Dr. Brett Wilson sat down recently to reflect on the many ways our school district has overcome the challenges COVID-19 has presented. We invite you to listen in on this exclusive conversation to see how even in these trying times we are still igniting learning for a brighter future!

BCPS adjusts to new normals in midst of COVID-19

We all know that many things have changed in the world, especially how children are being taught. In this episode of Learn in Burke, we bring on members of the Burke County Public Schools Leadership Team to talk about several different ways we have adapted to school closures, remote learning, food distribution and how we will get through this together. This is a longer podcast, but there is a great amount of valuable information that will be worth the time!

Students smoke out myths about vaping- Ep.11

In this episode of Learn in Burke, we sit down and discuss a topic that many teens in today’s society are affected by … vaping. Two of our very own students from Draughn High School, Gillian and Cadence, are members of the Burke Youth Health Coalition. We discuss the negative effects of vaping and what signs parents and teachers should be looking for to determine if their child/student is vaping. The BYHC is also in the process of organizing a new opportunity to learn more about the negative effects of vaping for parents, teachers and students.

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Pictured above are Cadence (left) and Gillian.

Count me in: Burke County 2020 Census

In this week’s episode, we discuss with Johnnie Carswell, chair of the Burke County Board of Commissioners, Lance Riddle, assistant to the county manager, and Dr. Larry Putnam, Superintendent of Burke County Public Schools, a topic that affects every single person in Burke County. The 2020 U.S. Census is taking place this year and will have a huge impact on the county in many different ways. Each of these leaders encourages everyone to be counted and they explain how the process will take place. Take a listen to see how you can make a difference for Burke County! #burkecounts #ignitelearningbcps


Pictured below are Dr. Larry Putnam, superintendent of BCPS, Lance Riddle, assistant to the county manager, and Johnnie Carswell, chair of the Burke County Board of Commissioners.

In Sickness and in Health – Keeping BCPS students well – Ep. 08

Visits to the doctor’s office is a trip that every parent and/or guardian will have to take with their child.

Getting sick is inevitable, but Burke County Public Schools is using a program that gets students on the path to recovery quickly and efficiently. In this episode of Learn in Burke, we sit down with multiple health officials including Miranda Michaels, director of nursing for BPCS; Allison Bell, program director for Health-e-Schools; and Dr. Tonya Shuffler (DNP), a nurse practitioner with Health-e-Schools. Each of these women is involved with the telemedicine program that serves every single one of our schools.

Through the use of advanced technology, the program brings the doctor right into the school. Take a listen and hear how this program helps keep our students and employees well. We also are given tips on how to stay germ-free not only for the winter season, but all year long.

Pictured above (from left) are Miranda Michaels, Dr. Tonya Shuffler (who joined us via video chat) and Allison Bell.

Pictured below is a school nurse using the telemedicine equipment during student health visit.

“Weather” or not to cancel school: BCPS Inclement Weather Information – Ep. 07

We all know what winter brings.

Snow and ice.

Some love it and some, such as Dr. Larry Putnam, Superintendent of Burke County Public Schools, do not particularly enjoy what it accumulates onto the roads.

With winter approaching quickly, in this episode we talk with Putnam, Doug Setzer, director of auxiliary services and Dr. Bob Acord, director of transportation, about how the decision is made to close school, delay the start or release early due to inclement weather. We look at what is done behind the scene days before a predicted weather storm moves in and how we partner with agencies from surrounding counties to help make the best decision to keep our students and teachers safe.

Take a listen so you will know how to sign up for school cancellation notifications!

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Pictured below (from left) are Doug Setzer, Dr. Larry Putnam and Dr. Bob Acord.