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‘Not your momma’s kitchen’ – Ep. 09

In this episode of Learn in Burke: a Burke County Public Schools Podcast, we sit down with leadership from Chartwells, the schools system’s independent food service management company; Daniel Wall, child nutrition director; and Superintendent Dr. Larry Putnam. We open up and discuss how ‘cafeteria food’ has changed over the years and how it is not ‘your momma’s kitchen’, the goals we have for increasing student and staff participation and what the process is like in bringing in new menu items to students.

Pictured above (from left) are Jonelle Bobak, marketing and communications specialist; Daniel Wall, child nutrition director; Superintendent Dr. Larry Putnam; Chef Nick Bobotas; and Aaron Probst, senior director of dining services.

Pictured below are several school nutrition personnel at East Burke High School preparing lunch for their students.

In Sickness and in Health – Keeping BCPS students well – Ep. 08

Visits to the doctor’s office is a trip that every parent and/or guardian will have to take with their child.

Getting sick is inevitable, but Burke County Public Schools is using a program that gets students on the path to recovery quickly and efficiently. In this episode of Learn in Burke, we sit down with multiple health officials including Miranda Michaels, director of nursing for BPCS; Allison Bell, program director for Health-e-Schools; and Dr. Tonya Shuffler (DNP), a nurse practitioner with Health-e-Schools. Each of these women is involved with the telemedicine program that serves every single one of our schools.

Through the use of advanced technology, the program brings the doctor right into the school. Take a listen and hear how this program helps keep our students and employees well. We also are given tips on how to stay germ-free not only for the winter season, but all year long.

Pictured above (from left) are Miranda Michaels, Dr. Tonya Shuffler (who joined us via video chat) and Allison Bell.

Pictured below is a school nurse using the telemedicine equipment during student health visit.