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Ep. 23 – Kindergarten Takeover!

Kindergarteners from Hildebran Elementary School have taken over the Learn in Burke podcast! We wanted to have a chat with some of our youngest students in Burke County Public Schools, so where better to go than KINDERGARTEN! Get ready to laugh, hear some advice about life and participate in sing-alongs! These students are on their way to being talk show hosts! Our kindergarteners are AWESOME! 

The students who participated today were Gracie, Greylon, Graydon, Granger and Colt! Thank you to Hildebran Elementary School for hosting us!

Ep. 22 – How BCPS and WPCC are making education better together

Most of our community knows about Burke County Public Schools and Western Piedmont Community College, but do you know their leaders? What about how the two educational institutions partner together to create opportunities for workforce development? BCPS and WPCC are impacting our community in many different ways and together they are preparing more and more for the workforce or higher education. In this podcast, we touch on many different topics with WPCC President Dr. Joel Welch and BCPS Superintendent Dr. Mike Swan, including a special opportunity juniors and seniors have to attend Pioneer Preview at WPCC! So much good information is jam-packed into a 30-minute podcast, you don’t want to miss it!

How we help our “Grand-families” succeed – Ep. 19

More and more we are seeing a generation of our students being raised by their grandparents. The challenges that are presented to these “grand-families” are numerous, but for the past 20+ years, we have helped them and parents who need support raising children succeed through the Burke County Public School’s FUTuRES program. The program is led by Lisa Schell and Michael Massey. Take a listen on your drive home or play us during your lunch break to see how this program has changed lives for the better! #ignitelearningbcps

Here is a link to the BCPS FUTuRES program site, where you can find the resources and reach out for help! – – – https://www.burke.k12.nc.us/cms/one.aspx?portalId=697882&pageId=10809314

Pictured below are Lisa Schell (left) and Michael Massey, who operate the FUTuRES program for Burke County Public Schools.

Not just a translator: How parent educators build bridges for Hispanic families – Ep. 18

Parent Educators are a fairly new position within Burke County Public Schools and hold a very important part in making sure Hispanic students and their families are able to navigate school. Take a listen to the stories of Ted Pedro Mateo (middle), Liliana Javier Zamora (left) and Rebecca Wilcox as they share their experiences of being Parent Educators and why they do what they do. #ignitelearningbcps

Supporting “Exceptional Children” in exceptional ways – Ep. 16

Burke County Public Schools takes pride in every single one of our students, especially those in our Exceptional Children’s Department who need some extra love and support. For this episode of the Learn in Burke podcast, we take a little time with Exception Children’s Director Shane Mace to understand all the ins and outs of special education and how we support our students with special needs. This podcast is also for parents who may suspect disabilities in their child and the steps that they can take to get the best support from BCPS! This is a info-packed podcast that you don’t want to miss. Thanks for joining us today and Happy Friday! #ignitelearningbcps

BCPS leaders reflect on educating through a pandemic – Ep. 14

Burke County Public Schools leaders including Superintendent Dr. Mike Swan, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Karen Auton and Director of Elementary Education Dr. Brett Wilson sat down recently to reflect on the many ways our school district has overcome the challenges COVID-19 has presented. We invite you to listen in on this exclusive conversation to see how even in these trying times we are still igniting learning for a brighter future!

BCPS adjusts to new normals in midst of COVID-19 – Ep. 13

We all know that many things have changed in the world, especially how children are being taught. In this episode of Learn in Burke, we bring on members of the Burke County Public Schools Leadership Team to talk about several different ways we have adapted to school closures, remote learning, food distribution and how we will get through this together. This is a longer podcast, but there is a great amount of valuable information that will be worth the time!

Gearing up for college – Ep.06

In this episode of Learn in Burke: a Burke County Public Schools Podcast we prepare our students for higher education after high school with help from the Gear Up program coordinators Kim Logan and Jessica Stockham. Crucial advice is given out to parents as well!


We answer many college questions that all high school students and even those who are younger will need to know. Don’t miss this one ladies and gentlemen!


Podcast intro and outro music by Scott Holmes Music. Pictured to the right are Jessica Stockham (left) and Kim Logan, who serve as the Gear Up Coordinators for Burke County Public Schools through the Gear Up grant.

All About the BOE – Seth Hunt Jr. and Sam Wilkinson – Ep. 05

Here is the last episode in our podcast series featuring our Board of Education members Sam Wilkinson and Seth Hunt Jr. We sit down to talk about why they decided to join the Burke County Board of Education, what they hope each student is able to accomplish and much more. Take a listen!

Podcast intro and outro music by Scott Holmes Music. Pictured below are board members Seth Hunt Jr. and Sam Wilkinson.


All About the BOE – Randy Burns, R.L. Icard and Buddy Armour – Ep. 04

For the second podcast in our Board of Education three-part series, we talk with board members Randy Burns, R.L. Icard and Buddy Armour to learn more about them and why they have a passion for public education. Take a listen to Learn in Burke: a Burke County Public School’s Podcast!

*Podcast intro and outro music by Scott Holmes Music. Pictured below are board members Randy Burns, Buddy Armour and R.L. Icard.